Woocommerce Bulk product and bulk price regulation

Woocommerce Bulk price and product editing

Woocommerce, which transforms WordPress into an e-commerce platform, was one of the most preferred add-on to build e-commerce site with low costs.

With Woocommerce, when we quickly set up our ecommerce site, we have the system that sees our basic needs. But a new process begins after the installation. Because the expectations of us and our potential customers are growing steadily.

We want to offer promotions, special discounts, different payment options for customers, or serious changes to our product costs. Trying to edit a hundred, five hundred or thousands of products is a complete nightmare.  And when we think that each product has five distinct variations, our product number is one to five.

So I did a lot of research to solve this problem of my clients and my own E-commerce sites, and I reached the absolute solution!

How to edit a woocommerce batch product

The most important feature of WordPress and Woocommerce is the free and common add-on pool.

The development of WordPress and Woocommerce as an open source makes it a common denominator of a large mass of conveniences. The troubles we live in can actually live in hundreds of thousands of people. So here are the plugins number one helper.

Woocommerce Bulk Product editing plugin (plugin)

In a site with more than 500 products and 5 different variations of each product, I had to update the cumulative price as a result of sudden spikes in the dollar rate.

About a week or two, I did a variety of research on the bulk price regulation at Woocommerce. I've found a plugin that works really stable and has a lot of features free, as a result of my research and essays.

This plugin is a plugin for Woocommerce Bulk Edit PW.

Woocommerce Bulk Price change
Woocommerce Batch product and price update plugin
Woocommerce Bulk Product Price regulation

Bulk price regulation in Woocommerce

With this plugin you can quickly edit the price of any product and the prices of its variations. Of course, the real beauty is that you can do it in hundreds of products at the same time. For example, let's look at how the prices of products in a certain category collectively regulate;

1-Step to install and activate the plugin by typing the PW woocommerce Bulk Edit into the upload area of the WordPress plug-in as it is primarily found in the image.

The 2-step plugin is replaced by the name of the PW Bulk Edit just below the WordPress products tab. You can access the plugin's interface by clicking here.

3-From now on, it remains to filter and regulate your products according to your needs.

Woocomerce Bulk Product Editing Plugin interface

We organize the price of products in a variation in woocommece

After reaching the interface of the plug-in, there is a selection area in the upper left corner where you want to separate the products according to which qualification. By default, the "Product name" option is active. However, by clicking here you can choose one of the options to filter by attributes, categories, price, or inventory code.

We do as an example in the bulk price update in tables with dimensions of 35×50 cm;

We choose the "Table dimensions" qualification group from the selection area. This group has been assigned different qualities such as 35×50 cm, 50×70 cm on our site.

After selecting the table size, the area on the right is "is any of" and "is none of" options. The first one gives us the chance to choose only the tables with a size of 35×50 cm. The latter allows us to select all measurement options that are not capable of 35×50 cm. Our job will be the first choice in this scenario, so we're not making a change.

At this stage, we now choose to choose the 35×50 cm that we want to bulk change the price from the field to the right. Immediately after this selection, we press the "Search" button on the bottom left of the blue area and all products with a quality of 35×50 cm are listed in the bottom section.

You can expand or collapse the selection by adding different qualities to suit your needs. Also, another beauty of the add-on is that it offers additional options to make your choice more specific. For example, we could filter out a product group that has a normal sales price of 35 x 50 cm, which is the size of our business. Simply click the "Add a Filter" button and select the second attribute and press the Search button.

In order to update the cumulative price, we are clicking on the "Normal Price" tab from the area we face after the election, and we click on the "Magic Wand icon" which appears next door. 

We are clicking "Edit All Checked Products" via Pop Up. A new Pop up opens and we press the "Set to specific Amount" button. At this stage, we will write our new price of a text field is coming out and we write our current price here and press the "Apply" button.

After these phases, the price change is now reflected in the area where the products are listed. If you increase the price, the Price field will be red if you decrease the green. To achieve our goal, all we need to do is press the "SAVE CHANGES" button. After pressing this button, the plugin is updating all prices in 3-5 min. According to the hosting performance and number of products.

We are completing the Woocommerce bulk product price arrangement at this point. The add-on contains a great deal of additional features, so you can use it more efficiently for your needs. You can write a comment to ask a question or contribute.

Thanks to you for reading, thanks to pimwick.com team for offering the plugin free of charge.

If you have questions about WordPress and woocommerce in the field of web design or in general, you can ask through comments.

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