Causes of headache and eye-sinking sensation on aircraft

Head and eye pain when plane landing

A problem that many people encounter during airplane journeys is severe headache. Personally, I’ve met this headache four or five times, and I’ve suffered one of the greatest pains I’ve ever experienced. So I wanted to share the solution that I found in this problem. I think this solution would work similarly to the feeling of headaches and stinging that you’re experiencing.

What was that head and eye pain I took on the plane?

First, this strong pain was revealed when the plane landed. I haven’t had any headaches until now. I’m specifically stating this situation. Because the cause of the head and the eye pain in this plane may vary from one person to the other. I’ll write substance in the pain on the plane;

  • First of all, a tingling immediately over the eye is experiencing a very severe needle stinging sensation in the eye quickly
  • Unintentional tears flowing
  • The pain in the eye is spreading to the temporal area of the forehead.
  • Vessels in the forehead and temporal area are being
  • This pain continues at varying intensity until the plane has completed its landing, a few days after landing, the pain continues in these areas in low intensity
Headache on board

What about the eye and head pain that happened on the plane?

First of all, I learned that the cause of this pain is obstruction in the sinuses. The blockating sinuses cause high pressure in the veins and the veins are being shone. I already wrote it up right above.

I found the solution to my head and eye pain on the plane!

Firstly, the main cause of this pain is that the sinuses must be opened before the plane ride. I’m using viks as a powerful nose opener spray and reinforcement for it.

Just before the plane commits to takeoff, I squeeze the nasal spray twice into two nostrils. Right after that, I’m applying the vixia to the nasal and temporal area. 

I repeat the same application when I am not sure that both noses are thoroughly opened in the middle of the journey.  After these two applications, I had no head and eye pain when I was on a plane trip.

I don’t use visk anymore on my last trip. Nasal detangling spray is enough. But you can have it with you to feel safe.

I and a lot of people around me wanted to share this information because they suffered from this or similar pains. I hope you’re the cause of your headache and your eye pain, and this app will save you from this pain forever.

Of course, this app doesn’t solve the problem. It is important to pass the doctor’s control to eliminate biological causes that cause such pain.

It’s important that this doctor is a good doctor. After my eye check at the private hospital, the doctor asked me this question. He answered “pressured.” I can’t tell you what kind of enlightenment I’m experiencing.

One last note; I didn’t check how long my nasal spray was on a plane trip I recently made. I used a small amount of existing. But it didn’t work this time. Head and eye pain repeated when the plane went down. Always check if your nasal spray is full. I got a new one on the return trip and the problem didn’t happen again.

If you have friends who are experiencing this problem and are developing different solutions, please write these solutions to the comments at the end of the article.

For people who have experienced this problem and have no idea of solving it, if you share the article or convey the solution to your environment, the writing will achieve its intended purpose.

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